Spray zoohygienic "Train to the tray" for cats

The zoohygenic spray Ms. Kiss "Train to the tray" is a highly effective product to facilitate the care of kittens and adult cats. The product helps to develop the habit of cats and kittens to relieve themselves in a certain place.

- Time-tested formulations that have been helping owners develop the right habits for pets for more than 6 years;

- Thanks to additional components, it is possible to reduce the frequency of use of products and use sprays more economically.

- A convenient spray gun that protects against getting the product on your hands.

The spray formula contains special components that attract the attention of kittens and adult cats, which allows you to attract the animal to the tray, diaper or other place that is supposed to be used as a toilet.

Spray zoohygienic "Train to the tray" for cats, 200 ml 
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