Malt+Vit paste with taurine for cats, 120 ml

  • Promotes the natural excretion of hairballs from the stomach of animals.
  • Gives a positive effect on the heart and eyesight.
  • Improves the coat's condition, prevents hair loss.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Unitabs Malt + Vit paste is used to facilitates the passage of the hair mass through the intestinal tract, as well as to maintain immunity, normalize metabolism and improve the condition of the skin and coat of cats.

Directions for use:

Paste can be administered directly from the tube or mixed with food. Apply orally, daily at the rate of 1g of paste (2 - 2.5 cm ) per 1 kg of animal weight. This dose can be distributed throughout the day. Store the paste at room temperature. The course of application is not limited.

Malt+Vit paste with taurine for cats, 120 ml
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