Rolf Club 3D Tick remover 2 pcs

The RolfClub tick remover is a simple and safe tool to remove ticks from the body of an animal or human:
• Doesn't leave mouthparts of ticks in the skin
• Removes ticks without squeezing it reducing risk of infection
• Could be easily attached to a bunch of keys.

Usage instruction:
1. Select the appropriate remover, depending on the size of the tick.
2. Carefully slide the fork end of the tool under the tick.
3. Slightly lifting the remover, make 2-3 circular rotations until the tick is completely removed. After removing the tick, it is recommended that the bite site be disinfected.

Precautionary measures:
To avoid possible infection, use the remover strictly in accordance with the application method. Do not apply pressure to the tick. Do not remove the tick with sharp movements. Do not combine the use of the remover with other methods and devices. If you suspect a possible infection from a tick bite, consult a doctor.

Rolf Club 3D Tick remover 2 pcs
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