Relaxivet calming drops, 10ml

Relaxivet diffuser is designed to correct behavioral disturbances of your pet related to stress, fear or sexual hunting.

It helps your pet to adjust well while being transported to new locations. Calms them during explosions, noise and prevents stress.

Extracts of hops, catnip, skullcap and motherwort have a beneficial effect on the nervous system which helps to relieve tension and anxiety in pets. The effect starts within an hour.

How to use:

Give the product to your pet with food or apply directly to the tongue.
The product is used at a dose of 1 drop per 1 kg of weight, 3 times a day and the duration of the course 7-14 days. It can be used for a long course of up to 3 months at a dose of 1 drop per 1 kg of weight, 1 time per day.

Shelf life is 3 years

Relaxivet calming drops, 10ml
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