Spot-on for cats and dogs 4-10 kg, 2 pipettes.

Neoterica Protecto 4 is used on cats and dogs for the treatment and prevention of flea, lice, ixodid tick infestations, treatment of ear mite infestations, treatment of notoedric, sarcoptic, demodectic manges, for protection of animals from the attack of diptera blood-sucking insects, and the prevention of vector-borne diseases (babesiosis, borreliosis, dirofilariasis).

Neoterica Protecto 4 ensures knockdown effect within 2 minutes paralyzing parasites and preventing pets from bites.

The death of ectoparasites on an animal occurs in up to 1-2 hours after the use of a product.

Protective effect lasts up to 30 days against ixodid ticks, up to 60 days against fleas and lice, up to 7 days aganst mosquitoes after single treatment of an animal.
How to use:

Cut or break off the tip of the tube-pipette, move apart the hair and squeeze the pipette. Apply product on the neck area between the shoulder blades or on the skull base (in places which are not accessible for licking). Be sure that skin is dry and undamaged in places of application.

There are 2 pipettes in the package.

Shelf life: 2 years.

 Spot-on for cats and dogs 4-10 kg, 2 pipettes.
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