Shampoo-conditioner "Graceful Sphynx" for hairless cats

Shampoo conditioner "Graceful Sphinx" is recommended for the care of delicate and sensitive skin of cats of hairless breeds, such as: Don Sphinx, Canadian Sphinx, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and others.

- Nourishes and softens the skin;

- Protects against adverse external influences;

- Does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes;

- Gives the skin a pleasant subtle aroma of green tea.

Biotin nourishes and softens the skin, relieves irritation and stimulates the production of collagen, restoring skin elasticity.

Allantoin stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, helps to exfoliate keratinized cells, protects the skin from adverse external influences.

Special detergent components provide a gentle and deep cleansing without violating the protective properties of the skin, which allows you to use shampoo as often as necessary.

Shampoo-conditioner "Graceful Sphynx" for hairless cats, 200 ml 
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