White repellent collar for cats

Our pets often encounter external parasites. In this case, repellents from Ms. Kiss come to the aid of the owners.

The Miss Kiss collar is a safe and effective product based on natural essential oils of citronella and lavender to repel ectoparasites of cats (fleas, ticks, lice, flying insects (mosquitoes, midges, horseflies):

- repels ectoparasites for up to 3 months

- does not affect the activity of the animal and its care

- waterproof, does not lose its qualities when wet

- safe for humans and animals

Essential oils of citronella and lavender are gradually released onto the surface of the collar, evenly distributed throughout the animal's body, effectively repel insects, and also take care of the coat.

The collar Miss Kiss is recommended to use:

- for kittens from 1 month

- for sick and weakened animals

- for cats prone to allergies

- for pregnant and lactating females.

The validity period is 3 months. Water-resistant formula. Length 38 cm.

White repellent collar for cats, 38 cm 
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