Spot-on repellent for kittens and small cats

Spot-on «Ms. Kiss» are designed to protect cats from attacks by flying insects and ectoparasites, such as mosquitoes, fleas, lice, midges, ticks, as well as to care for the skin and fur of cats.

Spot-on «Ms. Kiss»:

- up to 3 months they scare off ectoparasites;

- have a beneficial effect on the skin and coat: strengthen the structure of hair follicles, help reduce irritation and itching.

Use spot-on «Ms. Kiss» for kittens and small cats:

✔ From 4 weeks of age, sick and weakened animals, nursing females.
✔ Of all breeds

Active ingredients:

Neem oil repels and kills ticks. Moisturizes and restores the skin. Reduces inflammation on the skin.

Clove and citronella oils repel fleas, lice, flying insects (mosquitoes, sand flies, midges) and ticks, soothe the skin at the site of bites.

Wormwood essential oil repels fleas, sucking lice and lice.

Volume: 1 ml

Quantity: 3 dropper tubes.

1 dropper tube is designed for single treatment of an animal.

Spot-on repellent for kittens and small cats, 3 pcs
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