Mr. Bruno Dog Shampoo "Soft Plush"

Shampoo-conditioner "Soft Plush" is recommended for dogs with soft or excessively coarse hair, which needs to be given softness, volume, shine and density. Ideal for preventing dandruff in dogs.

Ideal for dog breeds such as Poodle, Bichon Frize, Lapdog, Bedlington Terrier, Long-haired Chihuahua, American Cocker Spaniel, Bobtail, etc.

- Supports the structure of the coat;

- Nourishes and gives shine;

- Does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes;

- Gives the coat a pleasant subtle green tea aroma.

Active ingredients:

Special complex "Gafquat" gives expressiveness to soft, elastic, springy wool;

PVP / Si-conditioner provides ease of combing and long-lasting show appearance of the dog;

Burdock extract strengthens hair roots, eliminates itching and prevents dandruff formation.

Mr. Bruno Dog Shampoo "Soft Plush", 350 ml
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