Conditioning Shampoo "Bohemian Thing" for hairless dog breeds

Conditioning shampoo "Bohemian Thing" is recommended for hairless or partially hairless dog breeds. Suitable for breeds like Chinese Hairless Crested dog, Mexican Hairless dog, Egyptian Hairless Pharaoh dog, African Hairless dog, Peruvian Hairless dog and others.

- Nourishes and softens the skin;

- Protects against adverse external influences;

- Does not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes;

- Gives the skin a pleasant, subtle aroma of green tea.

Active ingredients:

APS complex intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, restores its natural balance, softens and protects against stress, reduces itching and eliminates the occurrence of unpleasant skin odors.

Special detergent components gently cleanses the skin without damaging its protective properties, allowing you to use the shampoo as often as necessary.

Conditioning Shampoo "Bohemian Thing" for hairless dog breeds, 350 ml 
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