Drops repellent for medium dogs

Our pets often encounter external parasites. But there are situations when you are unable to use chemical products for your pet due to age-related health conditions weight or other health problems. In this case, Mr. Bruno's repellent spot-on come to the aid of owners.

- Effectively and carefully protects from the attack of flying insects and ectoparasites, such as mosquitoes, fleas, sucking lice, lice, midges, ticks for up to 3 months

- Has a beneficial effect on the skin and coat: strengthen the structure of hair follicles and help reduce irritation and itching.

- Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age, as well as sick and weak animals, nursing females, and dogs of fancy breeds.

Active ingredients:

Neem oil is a natural repellent and highly effective protection against ticks and insects. Moisturizes and heals the skin, and restores its elasticity. Helps reduce irritation and itching.

Wormwood is a well-known remedy against fleas, sucking insects and lice. Ithelps to reduce off-season shedding and eliminates the greasy shine of coats.

Clove and citronella - repel flying insects.

Volume: 2,5 ml

Quantity: 3 dropper tubes.

Drops repellent for medium dogs, 3 pcs
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