Start training pads 40x60 cm (15 pcs)

Mr. Fresh Start - highly absorbent gel pads for potty training of puppies and kittens:
- pet training pads are developed with pheromone attractant so your pet knows where to go;
- the special porous structure of the pad absorbs moisture in seconds;
- The polymer layer instantly turns liquid into GEL to lock in moisture and prevent leaks;
- Odor Blocker System absorbs and locks unpleasant odors;
- Sticky retainers keep the pad in place during after-the-toilet activity.

Mr. Fresh Start pads are perfect:
- for potty training puppies and dogs ;
-for keeping the toilet and the pet feeding place clean; ;
- when visiting a veterinarian;
- during the quarantine period when vaccination;
- for comfortable travelling.

Start training pads 40x60 cm (15 pcs)
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