Desinfectant, 500ml

Apply Mr. Fresh Disinfectant to disinfect and deodorize place where animal, equipment, kennels and other facilities are kept.

How to use:
Treat the premises in the with a sponge or a napkin moistened with product. Treatment solutions are prepared immediately prior to application by diluting an appropriate amount of the product in water. It helps to:
–To eliminate the unpleasant odor and animal marks, clean dirty floor and carpets.

–Preventive disinfection: 10 ml of the product (1/4 caps) per 1 liter of water.
Disinfection time is 30 minutes.
–Forced disinfection in infectious (viral and fungal) animal diseases: 40 ml (1 cap) per 1 litre of water.

Treat walls, floors and furniture with the solution. Disinfection time is 0.5-3 hours. Soak toys, dishes, brushes, and other animal care items in the solution for two hours and then wash with warm water. Soak fabric products for one hour, then wash and rinse.
Upon disinfection, wash everything which comes into contact with your pet, thoroughly with clean water. The product is incompatible with soaps and anionic surface-active substances.

Ingredients: polyhexamethylene guanidine, CDR-60, the stain green, water.

Store condition:
Should be stored in dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children and pets at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° C.
Not to be applied after expiration date.

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with the eyes, the breathing apparatus and the skin. After using the product, wash your hands properly.

Desinfectant, 500ml
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