Advanced food for rabbits, 500 g.

Happy Jungle Prestige is advanced pet food line enriched with Prebiotic, Omega -3, -6 and Yucca.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

They guarantee unsurpassed taste and daily pleasure. They form the basis of the diet, have a high nutritional and energy value.

Prebiotic, Omega -3, -6

They promote proper digestion and maintain the health and beauty of the skin and coat, as well as maintain the health of the heart and joints. Fatty acids are not produced on their own, so they must be regularly ingested through food or supplements

Yucca extract

Reduces the smell of excrement (urine and faeces), controls unpleasant odors in the cage.

Unique manufacturing technology

The combination of 5 forms of components (raw, expanded grain, flakes, combined and extruded granules, dried components) increases the bioavailability of the feed and the absorption of nutrients.

Advanced food for rabbits, 500 g.
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