Lotion for ears 25 ml

Lotion for ears:
-Gently removes dirt and discharge.
-Relieves itching and irritation.
-Reduces the risk of ear disease.

Stop Problema lotion for the ears is used for cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, ferrets and rabbits for hygienic treatment of the auricle, external auditory canal, and before applying ear drops or ointments. As an auxiliary in the treatment of otitis of different etiologies.

The order of application:

Lotion in the amount of 3 to 5 drops is put into the animal's ear, and then the base of the auricle is massaged in a circular motion and a cotton swab soaked in lotion cleans the inner surface of the auricle and the external auditory canal. Hygienic treatment should be done 1-2 times a week.

Storage conditions:

Should be stored in dry places away from sunlight. Keep away from children and pets at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° C.
Not to be applied after expiration of the shelf life.

Shelf life is for 3 years.


Purified water, isopropyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol-400, Aloe Vera extract, chamomile extract, benzalkonium chloride, malic acid.

Volume: 25 ml.

Lotion for ears 25 ml
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