Shampoo for Puppies

Animal Play Shampoo for Puppies:

- gently cleanses the delicate coat and skin of a puppies;

- nourishes and strengthens the coat

- does not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes

- suitable for frequent use for puppies with any type of coat

The fortified complex nourishes and strengthens the hair, fills the coat with vitality from the roots to the very tips, has a moisturizing, tonic and soothing effect on the skin, protects against adverse environmental factors, enhances the natural color of the coat, and has an anti-allergic effect.

Calendula extract actively softens the skin and moisturizes the coat, has anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-allergic effects.

The gentle cleansing formula "no tears" does not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, providing maximum comfort during bathing.

Shampoo for Puppies, 250ml
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