Shampoo for long-haired dogs

Animal Play Shampoo for long-haired dogs:

- nourishes and moisturizes

- gives smoothness and silkiness

- facilitates combing

- suitable for frequent use.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids soften and nourish the skin, deeply moisturize the hair along the entire length, fight split ends, prevent tangling and facilitate combing wet and dry hair.

Keratin protein eliminates superficial damage to the coat, promotes moisture retention, gives the coat smooth, silky and healthy shine.

Biotin strengthens hair roots, relieves irritation and flaking of the skin, promotes its healing.

The mild detergent components of the shampoo cleanse and deodorize long hair well, rinse off easily and quickly without disturbing the protective properties of the skin, which allows you to use the shampoo as often as necessary.

Shampoo for long-haired dogs, 250 ml
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