Repellent Collar for cats

Animal Play Repellent Collar is a safe and effective product based on natural essential oils of citronella and lavender. It repels insects and ticks while caring for the coat:

- repels ectoparasites for up to 3 months

- suitable for cats of all breeds

- waterproof

- adjustable size up to 38 cm

The natural formula based on essential oils of citronella and lavender effectively repels insects and safe for humans and animals.

The new capsular collar system continuously releases essential oils for up to 3 months, providing long protection against ectoparasites.

The collar does not lose its properties when wet, because essential oils remain closed in capsules without being washed out from the surface of the tape.

Animal Play Collar is perfect for:

- kittens over one month old;

- sick and convalescent animals

- cats prone to allergies

- pregnant and lactating females

Repellent Collar for cats, 38cm
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