Grass for cats, weight of seeds 75 g


Alpine meadows 7 herbs:

-It contains 7 kinds of seeds which is sure to please your pet. it tends to grow quickly giving fresh shoots within a month. It’s a good source of vitamins and trace elements that prevents hairball formation, protects indoor plants from eating. it’s better than normal grass which contains chemicals, pathogens and worm eggs.

Alpine meadows 7 herbs – Natural Health Source!

How to use:

Pour the nutrient substrate into the tray (vermiculite). Moisten it with a little water. On the moistened layer of the substrate evenly lay out a mixture of seeds and sprinkle them with the substrate. Moisten the mixture of seeds and vermiculite using a spray gun. Close the tray and put it in a warm, lit place. Remove the cover after 2 days. Moisten seeds once a day. Avoid dry or waterlogged soil.

The herb will be ready to use in 8-12 days.

Storage conditions:

Should be stored in dry places away from sunlight. Keep away from children and pets at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C and relative humidity not more than 60%.

Ingredients: seeds of wheat, barley, oats, rye, sorghum, vicia, millet, vermiculite 

Grass for cats, weight of seeds 75 g
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