Dust against creeping insects 100 g

How to use:
One package of 100 g is designed for 50 m2 of the surface to be treated. Apply a thin layer of dust on the habitat, congestion and movement of insects.
Cockroaches - apply on skirting boards, joints of tile plates, ventilating vents, water pipes and heating pipes, under the sinks;
Ants - apply in places of movement (paths); Bedbugs - on plinths, the back surface of carpets, furniture, paintings, beds, mattresses; Flies - places of their accumulation and landing, incl. - waste disposal rooms in basements, garbage collection tanks;
Fleas - plinths, walls up to 1 m high, cracks in the floor, between walls and skirting. Litter and animal rugs, treated from the bottom, are carefully knocked out, and after 3 days they are washed before subsequent use.

The treatment of the premises is carried out with open windows in the absence of people and domestic animals. Remove food and food containers in a cabinet or fridge before processing. Cages with birds removed from the premises, aquariums - tightly covered. Do not handle the internal surfaces of cabinets or other storage areas for foods and utensils. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact rinse with water. After 3-6 hours after treatment, wet the cleaning surfaces. After handling, wash hands and face with soap and water.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets at a temperature from 0С to +30 С.
Cypermethrin - 0.25%, boric acid - 5%, talc.

Dust against creeping insects 100 g
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