Gel against cockroaches 20 ml (syringe)

How to use:

Apply a dotted line along the skirting boards, in the slots, under the tub and sink, the ventilation holes and other places of possible insect habitat. With a small and medium number of insects, the gel is applied at a rate of 2 cm of gel with an interval of 4 cm. With a high number of insects, the intervals of the untreated surface should be reduced to 2 cm. Also, the gel can be applied to substrates of paper, cardboard, foil or polyethylene and placed at the rate of 2 -3 g / m2. The death of insects occurs in 1-2 days. The protective effect of the gel against cockroaches persists for 6 weeks.

COMPOSITION: chlorpyrifos (0.5%), functional additives, food attractors.

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