SexControl K for male cats tablets 10 pcs

Use Sex-Control K to control male cat’s sexual behavior (to delay and interrupt heat).

Direction for use:
Sex-Control K tablets to be orally administered in 1-2 hours before feeding.

Use Sex-Control K on male cats:
– To break the heat: give before heat starts in the dose of 1/2 tablet per an animal once a week or 1 tablet every fortnight. The application course shall be not more than 18 months. Repetition of the course is possible after the normal heat cycle appears.

– Use it to interrupt heat when its first sign appears Give it in the dose of 1 tablet per an animal once a day for 4-7 days (until the heat sign disappear plus one day).

Do not apply SexControl tablets to immature, pregnant and lactating animals.

СексКонтроль Таблетки для котов, 10 таб.

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