Fluid against mosquitoes 30 nights

How to use:
Take the bottle out of  the package. Remove the protective cap. Insert the rod of the vial into the electrofumigator and screw it tightly. Turn the electric fumigator into the mains (220V 50Hz) in the vertical position. The product starts to act after 10-15 minutes. Complete destruction of insects occurs approximately in 20-25 minutes. To protect against flying insects with open windows, the device can work throughout the night. After the end of work, remove the bottle from the electrofumigator and close it with a protective cap. The agent should be used until the liquid completely evaporates from the vial. One bottle is designed to work for 30 nights (240 hours).

Precautionary measures:
The product should be placed in places that are not accessible to children, outside of contact with inflammable objects. Do not touch the electric fumigator connected to the mains by wet hands or metal objects. Before using the product, cover or render aquariums, terrariums and cages with birds. Persons suffering from allergic diseases, highly susceptible to chemical and medicinal substances, as well as pregnant and lactating women should apply the remedy with caution. The product should be installed at a distance of at least 1 m from the people. If there are signs of discomfort, stop using the device, switch off the appliance from the outlet, ventilate the room. When there are unpleasant sensations in the mouth (bitterness, dryness) - rinse it with 2% solution of baking soda.
Ethok (pralletrin) - 0,9%, chamomile extract, evaporators, antioxidants, solvents.
Weight: 120g.

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