Protection against bites for dogs 200ml (spray)

Mr.Fresh Bite Protection spray is formulated to keep pets away from biting or scratching certain things or places in the house. The formula contains natural ingredients, it is safe for humans and animals, doesn’t leave stains, does not damage treated surfaces.

Shake the bottle and spray from a distance of 20-30 cm to areas you wish to keep your pet away. Repeat the treatment as necessary,
preferably weekly. Attention! The need to gnaw is a natural dog’s need. Be sure to provide in the house items (toys, etc.), which can be gnawed.

Keep away from children. In case of eye contact flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention. Do not use empty vials for food purposes. Before using, test surfaces to be treated for color fastness by applying to a hidden area.

Should be stored in the sealed package of the manufacturer in dry, protected from direct sunlight places, separate from food and fodder, away from children and pets at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° C.
Not be applied by expiration of the shelf life.

isopropyl alcohol, Apelsinia fragrance, denatonium benzoate, treated water.

Volume: 200 ml.

Защита от погрызов для собак 200 мл (спрей)

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