CHISTOTEL HYPO-ALLERGENIC shampoo for dogs, 270 ml

Chistotel Hypo-allergenic shampoo is designed to care for skin and coat dogs with allergies.
• Soft surface-active substances carefully clean the skin and hair coat of animals without allergic reactions.
• Aloe Vera gives the anti-inflammatory effect, soothes and eliminates itching
• Sprouted wheat extract provides nutrition and moistening of the sensitive skin, eases combing, makes the hair stiff and elastic, supports the protective function of the skin.
STORE CONDITION: Store Chistotel Hypo-allergenic shampoo in the sealed package of the manufacturer, in protected from moisture and light place, separate from food and fodder, at temperature from 0°C to 30°C.

Гипоаллергенный шампунь для собак, 270 мл

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