BioSpray with Lavander, 100 ml

BIO spot-on for medium and big dogs have a protective effect against ectoparasites of dogs and cats (fleas, lice, withers, mosquitoes, flies and ixodid ticks). Protective action lasts for up to 1 month.

Chistotel BIO spot-on for medium and big dogs is specifically formulated for cats and small dogs from 4 weeks of age. Should be used on dry intact skin. While holding the pipette vertically, break off the upper end of the pipette. Parting the hair, apply the product on the skin of the animal in two or three places, inaccessible to licking. Apply it on the neck, at the base of the skull or between the shoulder blades. Ensure the product does not remain inside the pipette. After a month, repeat the procedure.

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