Ecolife SKIN AND WOOL HEALTH for kittens and cats, aroma spot-on

In the process of long evolution, animals have learned to get rid of diseases with the help of natural remedies that can be found in nature. These are herbs, flowers and wild berries, bark and leaves of trees.

Veterinary science helps a pet to improve its state of health in a natural way for it, creating products based on concentrates extracted from plants.

Phyto spot-on Ms. Kiss is a product based on essential oils and plant hydrolates that improve the well-being of our pets.

Spot-on «SKIN & WOOL»:

  • relieve itching and irritation

  • eliminate unpleasant odor

  • moisturize the skin and get rid of dander

  • facilitate seasonal shedding and reduce hair loss

  • maintain the exhibition appearance for a long time

Active ingredients:

Cornflower effectively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gives the coat smoothness, silkiness and healthy shine, helps to get rid of dander, has a toning and healing effect, protects the color and texture of coat.

Geranium has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, weakens allergic reactions, eliminates itching and dryness of the skin, accelerates the process of seasonal shedding, gives the coat elasticity and silkiness, stimulates the processes of renewal and regeneration of the skin, strengthens the coat.

Quantity: 10 ml dropper tube.

Ecolife SKIN AND WOOL HEALTH for kittens and cats, aroma spot-on, 10 ml 
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