Dry shampoo for express-cleansing hair of dogs of all breeds

Dry shampoo "freshness and volume" is recommended for professional care of all dog breeds with any type of coat. This is an ideal product for quick cleaning and gives the coat a fresh, clean and voluminous look without water in a matter of minutes.

- Quickly removes traces of dirt without water;

- Restores freshness and volume to the coat;

- Gives a pleasant, fruity aroma;

- Leaves no traces on the coat.

Active ingredients:

Ceramides nourish the coat, restore its structure, elasticity and firmness, and relieve dryness and redness of the skin.

The amino acid complex nourishes and strengthens the coat, and protects the skin drying out.

Silsoft complex has an excellent conditioning effect, preserves the coat's brightness, improving combing and adding shine.

Ultra-light formula provides fast cleansing.

Dry shampoo for express-cleansing hair of dogs of all breeds, 200ml 
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