Bio Spray from fleas for cats 200 ml

Mode of application:
Shake the bottle thoroughly. Spray from a distance of 15-20 cm, applying the drug against the growth of hair. Gently treat the entire wool coat of the animal, including the abdomen, neck and limb areas. Next, gently treat the face and ears of the pet with a damp cloth. The dose of the drug is 3 to 6 ml per 1 kg of animal weight, depending on the length of the coat. To prevent re-infection of the animal, use the GreenFort Bio Collar.
Precautionary measures:
After handling the animal, wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Active ingredients: Composition of essential oils (citronella, cloves, lavender, cinnamon).
Storage conditions:
Store in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children and pets, away from food at temperatures between 0 and + 30 ° C.

Bio Spray from fleas for cats 200 ml
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