BIO collar for dogs

Direction for use of CHISTOTEL

BIO repellent collar for dogs.


     1. General information

1.1 The collar is a product in the form of a polymer tape with a characteristic odour. The product has a repellent effect against external parasites in cats and dogs (fleas, lice, gnats and mosquitoes).

1.2 The composition of the product includes citronella essential oil, as well as auxiliary substances: polymer (sevylene) and dye SKP-US.


     2. FEATURES

2.1 Citronella essential oil, which is part of the preparation has a strong repellent effect.

2.2 Essential oils, gradually emerging from the surface of the polymer tape, do not absorb into the systemic bloodstream, accumulate in the epidermis, hair bulbs and sebaceous glands of the animal's body, providing a long-lasting repellent effect.

2.3 If applied in prescribed doses, the product does not have a toxic, skin-irritating and sensitizing action. Eye contact may cause mild irritation.


     3. Application procedure:

3.1 The product is prescribed for dogs from 4 weeks of age.

3.2 Suitable for sick and weak animals, as well as for pregnant and lactating females.

3.3 After opening the package, unfold the collar and remove thin plastic bridges. Put on the collar on the animal, adjusting to size so that there is an interval of 1-1.5 cm between it and the animal's neck. Cut off the excess collar.

3.4 Continuous use of the collar provides protection against parasites within 2-3 months, depending on the type of parasites.


     4. Precautionary measure:

4.1 Do not use for dogs less than 4 weeks of age.

4.2 If there are signs of hyper-sensitivity of the animal to the product (lacrimation, excessive salivation, muscle tremor and vomiting) or signs of skin irritation, the use of the product should be discontinued.

4.3 When working with the product, general hygiene and safety practices should be observed.

4.4 The product should be stored in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children and pets and away from food at temperatures between 0 and + 30 ° C.

BIO collar for dogs
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